Fake ID Sources: Domestic vs Dark Web

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Elizabeth ran carrying upstairs a small package in her hands. At first look you would think that it is a clothes package however it isn’t – stashed inside the pile of clothes is a fake id. That has Elizabeth’s photograph but not her name, age or address. This fake ID card will allow her to finally join her friends on weekend bar trips. high-quality fake id

According to a research reported generated by a Mississippi professor ‘85% university students have accessed a fake id by their 3rd or 4th semester.’ Hence getting a fake id is not a big deal. Everyone gets one and uses it.

The most challenging part is deciding where one should source that card from because a wrong choice in this case can have heavy consequences.

There are two places from where a fake id card can be ordered each side has its own pros and cons.

However, the buyer’s decision should be based on a few aspects such as:

· What is the purpose of buying fake ID card?
·the cost you’re willing to pay?
· What risk are you willing to take to get that ID card?

The dark web is a search engine on which you can find all sorts of content. The difference is that on dark web users have high anonymity. Due to that anonymity people do illegal things and access illegal content using dark web.
Accessing dark web is easy, one just has to download ‘TOR’ browser. Once downloaded it can be used like a regular browser.

Dark Web Fake IDs: Anonymous Payments

Due to its anonymous nature, the financial transactions are done using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Obtaining a fake id via Dark web can be done but before one decides to jump on that option. high-quality fake id

Here are things they should consider

What is your propose of buying a fake id card?

If you are a student who wants a fake id, you can enjoy clubs and have occasional alcohol then dark web is not the place you should be buying from. The buyers of fake id on dark web don’t buy it ‘to drink alcohol or go to the bar’ the buyers there usually are people who want to enter country illegally or people who plan on doing activities that could harm a lot of people fatally i.e. criminal activities.

The fake ids obtained from the dark web have ‘real information’ embedded in them which have been stolen from government database if you are caught the consequences can be life altering.

What is the cost of obtaining a fake id?

If you buy a fake driver’s license from the dark web, it will cost you as follows.

  • An average quality id, which is scalable will cost the buyer $100
  • A high-quality id which is undetectable will cost the buyer $786
  • A passport that will bypass the highest security system will cost around $2,150

Other than that when you are buying off dark web there is a chance that you can be fooled. Since the buyer and seller both have anonymity, the seller could walkout taking money and not giving an id. Also most dark web fake id vendors are from Asia and your id would have to be shipped there is a high chance that they might get stuck in the customs.

What risks are you willing to take when it comes to fake ids?

The dark web is an uncensored territory where all sort of people come. Some people are there to do harmless illegal activities meanwhile others can be very dangerous.

For instance, there is a book club on the dark web which gives out pdf books for free. This is illegal but won’t harm anybody. Meanwhile another group on the dark web is all about hiring professional gun men or buying drugs.

Since the Dark Web is uncensored, you can never be warned of anything. As long as you are browsing there, you will be at risk. Not to mention there are also chances that your laptop/desktop can get infected with malware at the slightest misstep of pressing a link. It is illegal in many countries hence there are a of law enforcements agents who are patrolling the browser if you are caught you could face jail time. high-quality fake id

People in certain cases have also reported that the information they gave for making fake id has been misused by the vendor.

“I was 17 years old when, I got a fake id card made I didn’t know much about the system then so I gave out my address and social security number. My fake id got delivered on time, and I also used it for quite some time” says (the source wished to stay anonymous)


“Two years later police showed up on my door saying that I committed a crime. I had an alibi so I was saved but this made me curious. On investigating I found out that the fake id vendor had used my information and gave out several passport, license and fake ID cards to other buyers.”

Another student reported, “I made the fake id payment via a credit card. I don’t know how but somehow the vendor got hold of my online bank account and cashed out all the money I had. Since I had done a crime earlier. I couldn’t say anything but that was a $1,000 loss!”

There are several other types of stolen information stories that has been posted on different websites and social media platforms. high-quality fake id

Some people might tell you that you should buy a fake id from a trusted vendor on dark web. They will say that you can find a trusted vendor by vetting reviews of buyers on social media platforms. What they will not tell you is that Dark web has anonymity because of which those reviews should be taken as light as a grain of salt.

Putting money on a vendor you meet over dark web is the scariest thing because there is an 80% chance that your information might get misused or you might never get the id. So don’t fall for the Black Friday offers – it’s tricky out there.

Ordering a fake id card from a domestic source does not mean that you can buy it from a store in your area. By domestic source we mean those fake id websites that are on the ‘World Wide Web.’

Fake ids have become quite a common phenomenon. So much so that according to ‘Security report 2020’ there has been 180% increase in fake id cases. Similarly many fake id ‘entrepreneurs’ have come out with their stories of success.

Hence the current owners aren’t as afraid as before and they have set up sites that are searchable on Bing, Yahoo and search engines. Hence, you will be able to get in touch with a fake id vendor just by doing a simple search. The domestic sellers usually resell ids which they have obtained through the dark web. high-quality fake id

Top Fake ID Tips

If you are a university student buying fake id just so you can do activities 21 years old students can do – then the domestic source is your best bet!

The id you will get here will pass bouncers and bar tenders scanning devices but it won’t allow you to do further criminal activities. Also, if you are caught with that fake id, there is a high chance that you would be let off with a warning.

What is the cost of buying a fake id via a domestic source?

Each vendor on the domestic source has different selling prices. The cost can be anything from $75 to $300.

The price can vary based on three factors.

  • How many ids you are buying. If you order 3-4 fake ids in one go then the vendor might offer you a discount.
  • The quality of id that you will be receiving. Any fake id that cost lesser then $100 might not be able to get pass the scanner machine. But that’s not necessary you might be able to get a good fake id in lesser cost.
  • There is a price difference based on the fake id you are ordering for instance a fake driving license will be $100 where as a fake license can cost around $200. Based on complications behind making of each id the vendors has altered the prices.

As compared to the dark web, you can get a high-quality fake id at a lesser price. This way you won’t be so worried about trusting the vendor or spending a lot of money on something that you won’t use much longer.

Domestically Manufactured Fake IDs

The common notion that fake ID cards are just sold on the dark web has been broken quite long ago. Counterfeit id sellers have come out of their shell and work rigorously in the open online market.

A professor at school of criminal justice said “Fake ids and passports selling sites mirrored traditional e-commerce sites like Amazon and e-bay.”

The services even advertise their services on social media platforms like Instagram and sub-reedit. There are groups where buyers of fake id review the work of vendors. Hence, the buyer can be at ease when they order from a particular vendor.

Unlike buying from the dark web, domestic sources won’t require you to get into dangerous internet alleys. Also, vendors have a reputation to maintain because the word of dissatisfied customers gets around fast.

To keep their business safe and running the vendors don’t cheat customers. Domestic vendors also allow dollar or pound payments, so the buyers won’t have to go through the hassle of buying bitcoins.

According to a student conducted a survey on social media ‘As compared to dark web buying fake id from a domestic source is 80% safer.’

However, it is not completely safe, to protect yourself from getting scammed or having your identity stolen you should know.

There have been instances when purchasers of counterfeit ids had to face loss 100s of dollars or to face criminal charges just because they ordered their fake id through the wrong vendor.

Here are precautions you should take while dealing with a fake id vendor:

  • Fake ID Reviews – You will never know the identity of the vendor on the other end nor can you complain if they give you a bad product because the product you are buying is illegal. The only way to reduce the risk is by asking experience of previous buyers. You can ask them on.
  • Reddit Groups – People who use fake ids have formed groups. In that group you can ask other fake id user’s experience from particular vendors. This will help you evaluate vendor’s performance and credibility.
  • Websites: You can read reviews of previous purchasers.

Fake ID Information

A fake id vendor will ask you for the following information only.

  • Your shipping address
  • Your picture

Other than that everything on your id can be fake. At most the vendor should only ask for details that are visible on the card.

If the vendors ask you for details like social security number, age, eye color then you should be alarmed because that vendor is most likely scamming you.

Check Customer Service

If you are ordering a phony id off a website then you should see how responsive the vendor on the other end is. Most well-developed id business care greatly about their customer and will answer all your questions via email or chat support.

Great customer service means that their product would be of the highest quality too – they wouldn’t want to damage their reputation by giving you a bad card.

Quality Control

There are a lot of fake id sellers on the internet but more the half of them give low quality ID cards. Low quality cards don’t have a good hologram; the text alignment is wrong or the picture they put is of low resolution. These small quality faults will get you caught by a bouncer. Hence ask previous purchasers the quality of fake ID card given to them by the vendor you are planning to purchase from.

Vendor’s Interaction with Real IDs

A good vendor will have subsequent knowledge about almost all state ID card’s security feature. So put your vendor to a small test before you get a fake id from them. high-quality fake id


As per our research buying fake id from a domestic source has less risk. However, it is imperative that you follow all rules of precautions stated in this article. Now you’re ready to buy and enjoy your very own fake id. Just don’t go overboard and avoid alcohol poisoning at all cost.

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