11 Ways To Spot a Texas Fake ID

Ways To Spot a Texas Fake ID

n Texas, fake IDs are more common than you might think. There is a booming black market for these documents that continues to grow with time. The most popular type of ID card or driver license to be counterfeited is the Texas state ID card. Ways To Spot a Texas Fake ID

11 Easy Steps To Detect Bogus Texas Licenses

This article will outline checking if an identification document is, in fact, legitimate and not forged by someone looking at it as a joke or worse, attempting to use it illegally.

1. Vital Security Features

How old is it? How well does the card look when compared to a newer license or ID? Is there any sort of creasing in it that might indicate how many times it has been folded and unfolded?

Are there signs of wear like scratches, dents, or tears on either side? All these things should be considered because they can help you determine how likely an identification document is legit.

For example, if someone was holding onto their older Texas state ID card for years as opposed to getting a replacement one, then this could signify that something shady is going on with this person’s identity.

2. Size & Font Texture

Letters and numbers should be the same size, not bigger or smaller than other letters in a word. There should also be consistent spacing between words. If any of these items are inconsistent, then it is likely that this ID card is fake.

3. The Top “TEX” Graphics

A real Texas ID will have a number that tells you where it was issued (Amarillo, for example) and then has “TEX” on the next two lines.

If this information is not present or if there are no letters in these sections, then it could be fake.

Make sure that all three parts say “TEX” Some fakes may only have one side which says TX while others might say just TEXAS or with nothing else printed on them; both should be avoided as they can’t really tell what state an individual’s identification document comes from. Ways To Spot a Texas Fake ID

4. Check for printing errors and misspellings

Start by looking closely at the card. Check to see if there are any printing errors, misspellings on a word, or other anomalies that may indicate it is not an authentic document.

If you have doubts about the authenticity of a driving license, then always check for spelling mistakes and contact your local DMV office for help in confirming whether this ID card belongs to someone who lives near you.

This step is very important because sometimes people make changes as small as changing one letter from “I” to “a.” It also helps when trying to figure out how old they look in their picture compared with what age they say they are.

5. Texas-Specific Holographs

A lot can be learned about a person from looking at their Texas driver’s license or identification card. The first and most important thing to do when trying to spot a fake ID is what security features are on it that measure up with your state or country? In general, government-issued IDs will have barcodes, UV watermarks, holograms, and magnetic strips.

How does the photo look like? Is there anything odd about the picture, such as too much glare in someone’s eye, for instance? If so, then this could mean that it has been tampered with, which would make it highly suspicious.

It may also not be clear how old they appear because either something was done digitally. This becomes a problem when they are trying to purchase alcohol because bars and liquor stores will not serve them.

6. Check the Cardholder’s Photo

The first thing that you will see on a legitimate identification card is the person to who it belongs.

This picture should be a clean and clear headshot of someone looking directly at the camera with no other objects in their way, such as glasses or cars.

If there are any shadows from an overhead light source, then this could mean that the photo has been tampered with digitally by either darkening or brightening certain points within it and might not be safe for use when buying alcohol at many bars. Ways To Spot a Texas Fake ID

7. Checking Texas Driver’s License Number

On a real identification card issued by any of the 50 states in America, there is an ID number that begins with two letters and then has four numbers.

For example: AB1234 or C123A4. If the ID does not have these defining features on it, you know this document isn’t from Texas and should be examined further for inaccuracies.

8. Check the State Seal

This is a great place to start with any form of ID card. The seal should never be in black and white – it must always have color on it somewhere. For example, if the Texas flag has four different colors then so will its seal.

9. Examine Under Ultraviolet Light

The most common form of photo ID is a driver’s license, so this may be the first step in any sort of inspection process. When looked at from behind without holding it to the light, an identification card should look like a white card with black and white stripes running horizontally across its width.

10. Horizontal Texas Lines

Counterfeit ids of Texas state often do not have these two lines and can be detected by looking for them with the naked eye or using ultraviolet light to check their authenticity.

11. Information Should be Instate

If you can’t read any of the words on an ID card or driver license, it is a sign that it may be forged. This includes faded text and smeared ink as well. If you know someone’s real name but not their middle name, for example, then look at what information they have to prove who they are.

Final Analysis

The easiest way to spot a fake Texas ID is by checking for misspelled words and typos. If the card says “TEXAS” it should be spelled correctly on the front of the card, not with an extra “X“.

Most states won’t have this problem because they spell their state’s name properly on all IDs. Make sure you double-check every letter in your state abbreviation before accepting that TX license as valid.

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