How to detect a fake Illinois ID?

The Fake ID Trend in Illinois

The Fake ID Trend in Illinois

It is a known fact that Illinois fake IDs are extremely common, and this has been the case for several generations. One of the main reasons is that the college community in Chicago feels too inclined to buy alcohol and play it cool at parties. The Fake ID Trend in Illinois

Since the legal age of 21 is rather high, a fake ID will do the trick. In fact fake licenses can be considered as being synonymous with college life in America, and many feel that acquiring a fake ID is practically like a rite of passage in American life.

All this was even proven statistically following a study conducted by the University of Missouri in 2007, which showed that around a third of respondents owned a fake ID by the time they were in their second year of studies.

Considering that the number of students following tertiary education has increased dramatically in the past thirty to forty years, one can conclude that the market for fraudulent IDs has also grown, and what does this entail at the end of the day? – Well, in a nutshell this can lead to a series of negative repercussions in terms of societal trends, national security and also, criminal records. The Fake ID Trend in Illinois

Illinois State & Fake ID Laws

While owing an Illinois counterfeit ID is obviously illegal, with perpetrators risking a jail sentence, which could be of six months duration in some states, it seems that the identity fraud is a trend that is still going strong in America.

Indeed, the black market associated with the production of fake documents is quite lucrative in the US. Most college students are well aware of the fact that if they know where to look, or where to ask for it, there is going to be someone offering a covert fake ID service even on campus. The Fake ID Trend in Illinois

Service Providers of Counterfeit Documents

These intelligent service providers are well equipt with computers and laminating machines and the production rate of such IDs is quite high particularly at the start of the scholastic terms.

Over the past few years there have been a number of attempts to crack down the industry of bogus IDs. For instance, New York and Virginia launch new driving licenses which are design in a way that they cannot be forge

Moreover, the maximum sentence for someone who is manufacturing counterfeit IDs can be quite high, with the maximum one being in Texas, at 20 years. This is because in this case we are talking about an act of forgery of a government document, and thus it is not a simple misdemeanour.

Hence, it is important to be well aware of what acquiring, or worse, producing fake IDs actually means. While you may be all out against the legal age of 21 to be able to buy alcohol, and while you may really be entice to experience the adrenaline rush of using an ID and act funky among mates, it is best to avoid all this as consequences can be quite severe. They may end up ruining your future career despite all your hard efforts to get your degree!

Identity Theft & Illinois Fake Driver’s License

Illinois ID Fact Check – Alcoholism is still punishable

When someone uses another individual’s personal information so as to fraudulently obtain something, he or she would have committed the crime of identity theft. Making use of a fake identity document, is also a form of identity fraud. While the latter may seem somewhat simpler, such as when one makes use of a fraudulent ID in order to buy alcohol, the truth is that it is still a crime which could also be punishable by imprisonment. 

Following all this it can be argue that the sale and purchase of Illinois fake ids could have made identity theft more and more common. Despite the fact that all states in the US consider identity theft as a serious crime, there are a number of states which set specific exceptions to laws in this regard.

Laws which address the use of false identification or documents in fact differ from one state to another. For example, using another person’s identity in the state of West Virginia is a felony if the intent is to represent oneself as that person.

If you face such charges in this state you would be facing up to five years imprisonment. However, this law also makes an exception in cases where an individual uses a bogus identity only to misrepresent one’s age. In that case the crime does not amount to identity theft. However, one would still be facing charges for being in possession of a fraudulent id card, with penalties including fines and license suspension, among others.

8 Ways To Spot an Illinois Fake ID Card

Law enforcement officers, car rental agents, bank tellers. And other people whose job entails requesting the verification of identity documents in a professional capacity. Need to be aware of the key features to notice in order to manage to see the difference, Between an actual and valid ID and a fake one. The following guidelines should be of assistance in this regard.

First of all it is obviously important to know how the Illinois driver’s license of ID looks. An authentic one will include a photo of the individual, along with the blue Illinois state logo.

the driver’s license number on the top left corner part. This will include the driver’s first initial of his or her last name, followed by eleven digits.

An alphanumeric sequencing guide that should be follow in the case of an Illinois ID or driver’s license. On the top left there will also be the name of the Secretary of State. The expiration date should be the individual’s birth date.

The ID should be make from a genuine material, not a thin, flimsy plastic. It is also very important to be always willing to check. The security image information for features such as ghost images. Microprint, laser perforation and other validation details.

The microprint can be better analyze by making use of a magnifying glass. Almost all states, including Illinois make use of microprint as a key security feature. While to the nake eye it only looks like a normal line. Once it is magnify it will actually show that there are actual words print.

You also try the card under UV light, as this is some cards will show a second image of the cardholder. It is also recommend that you tilt the card in the light as some security features. Will only be make visible at certain angles.

Another good method to check a card’s authenticity is to scan the barcode. So as to verify that the information matches what is print on the card. Most forgers will not be able to encode information in a barcode.

It is also important to compare the picture of the person with the person in front of you. As well as compare the signatures. A good method is to try to ask the person for a second form of photo identification. The Fake ID Trend in Illinois

It is important to know what to look for when checking for an ID card validity. And hence it is highly recommend that you acquire an ID checking guide or a state publish reference guide. With the high number of fake IDs in circulation, it is best to be careful and check well!


The internet has led to the market of IDs to get a boost. Online retailers who sell fake IDs can be online, despite the illegality surrounding this practice. Yet, you can still find websites with an operating structure that enables them to reach out to prospective customers.

There are sites which rely on middle-men who are generally based on university and college campuses. These are fundamental to gather customers for the ID manufacturers, who obviously need to remain covert. These middle-men will gather the customers’ details and pass them on to the ID manufacturer.


Setting up business as a fake ID manufacturer is not as easy as one might think. The fixed costs are quite high, despite the fact that finding high tech laminators. Is now so much simpler than before. Having said that the printing quality is of utmost importance. And then there will be the overlays to think of as well.

From time to time one will also need to acquire new templates as well as holograms. The real and actual cost is then the risk associate with having clients know that you offer this service. But at the same time remaining obscure so as not to be uncover by justice. Hence the need for anonymity will be present at all times.


The producers will thus need to establish ways and means to get the money. Transfer to them without exposing their bank accounts. The counterfeit ID will also need to be deliver to the end customer. While this may be carry out by a middle-man at a college or university. There are many cases where the customers and the fake ID producers are actually situate in different countries. Altogether and so there will be the need to think of secure shipping.

The deep web browser Tor is generally use by such retailers. As this is great at protecting their need to remain anonymous. In fact this browser is able to conceal the users. Identification since it reroutes internet traffic through several alternate servers from all around the globe. The payments are generally carry out by means of Bitcoin and other online currency options.


Considering all these aspects, the fake ID business is however still very lucrative. And the truth is that there are a good number of producers who are still operating successfully and profitably.

The purchasing of fake IDs is very real, and hence despite the risks involved, there are several producers who decide to embark on this illegal venture. Besides the high demand for IDs, it is also worth mentioning the fact that prices charged are very high. Often running as high as some $300. The price depends on the quality of the license. Cheaper but lower quality and less realistic IDs are generally still quite expensive, at around $100. 

Hence while the costs are not that high, there are ways and means to remain anonymous. And make a considerable fortune from the production of fake IDs. All it takes is knowing how to go about it, and with the various options made available online/ This is not that difficult after all.

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